Gage Lab

Dept. of Molecular and Cell Biology
University of Connecticut - Storrs


Our lab is curently researching:

1. Signaling in Sinorhizobium, symbiotic soil bacteria that can nodulate and provide nitrogen to plants.   Link

2. How the protist microbiome on roots interacts the prokaryotic microbiome to affect plant health.  Link

3. Biology of termites, their symbiotic protists and the bacterial symbionts of those protists.   Link

4. Bacterial biosensors for monitoring complex environments, such as soil, at small spatial scales.   Link

Our approaches to these problems make use of genetics, molecular biology, microfluidics, next generation sequencing and microscopy/image analysis.

Lab News

We have received USDA funding to work on characterizing and understanding the functions of the protist community associated with maize rhizosphere. This is briefly described on the Rhizosphere_Microbiology page.

Michael successfully defended his PhD and is now at
the Douglas Lab at Cornell doing postdoctrol work on endosymbionts of white flies. Congratulations!!