Gage Lab

Dept. of Molecular and Cell Biology
University of Connecticut - Storrs

Current Members

Dan Gage
Charles Bridges
PhD Student:Termite Symbiosis
Gabrielle Corso
PhD Student: Soil Protists/Sino
Jamie Micciulla
PhD Student:Soil Protists/Sino
Kavy Uddaraju
Honors Undergrad:Protist Biology


Leslie Shor 
UConn Engineering
Yongku Cho 
UConn Engineering
Jessica Furrer 
Benedict College
Lindsay Triplett 
Connecticut Agricult Station
Blair Steven 
Connecticut Agricult Station
Chris Hawkshurst
Shor Lab
Azhady Pirhanov
Cho Lab

Former students

Courtney Wallace-MS student at St. Joseph’s University working on S. meliloti with Catalina Arango
Dan Netting-MS student at St. Joseph’s University working on S. meliloti with Catalina Arango 
Michael Stephens - PhD. Postdoc at Cornell with Angela Douglas, now at Genewiz NGS team
Shane Hussey-Undergraduate. Now a laboratory technician at UMass Amherst. 
Courtney Wallace-Undergraduate. Now an MS student at St. Joseph's University.
Kelly O'Sullivan-Undergraduate. Now an research assistant at Yale.
Reed Goodwin-PhD.  Postdoc at Stanford. Now Director of Molecular Biology at ExoPolymer.
Janessa Bell- Undergraduate.
Emma White -MS.  Now at Harvard working as an automation specialist in next-generation sequencing.
Nicholas Tan- Undergraduate.
Adam Bartholomeo - Undergraduate.
Maitreyee Jain -MS. Now project manager at BIOVIA.
Nitin Narayanan -MS. Finished PhD at U. Cincinnati, now Sr. Clinical Research Associate (Oncology) at IQVIA.
Ann Charles - Undergraduate. PhD from Rutgers. Now an Extension Associate at Cornell.
Sheena Sanga - Undergraduate. Currently in medical school.
Catalina Arango - Postdoctoral fellow. Now on faculty at St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia. 
Preston Garcia - PhD. Now on faculty at Castleton University, Castleton, Vermont
Hannah Monahan -MS.
Patrick Herron - PhD. Executive Director at Mystic River Watershed Association
Abishek Garg -MS.
Evan Caples - Undergraduate.
Rishita Dave - Undergraduate. Currently in medical school.
Neil Chaudhary - Undergraduate.
Zane Haider - Undergraduate.
Michelle Rosado - PhD.  
Devanshi Pandya -MS.
Ryan Bringhurst - PhD. Senior Research Scientist at Omnilytics Inc
George Topalidis -MS.
Angela Sanchis - Undergraduate. Portfolio Manager at Gilead Sciences
Saskia Cooper - Undergraduate.
Tina Stevens - Undergraduate.
Colin Kong -MS. Earned PhD/DDS. Now working as a pediatric dentist
Mike Goldkind - Undergraduate . Now working as an orthodontist.
Jessica Muniz - Undergraduate.
Awais Malik- Undergraduate. Now working as a physician.